Bit is the lead character and hero of Bulltardia.

  • Race: Honey Badger (Mellivora)
  • First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Age: 12 (which in badger years is closer to 18)
  • IRL inspirations: Bitcoin

Bit is a very hot tempered teenage Honey Badger. Before starting his epic adventure, Bit spent most of his time being the local mischief, disrupting the neighborhood peace and scaring off the passerbys of the savanna.

Bit has a ferocious appetite. He is practically always hungry, with honey and snakes being some of his favorite meals. His capacity to eat snakes comes from the venom immunity that Honey Badgers develop as they grow up.

Bit is the Son of the mysterious Old Satoshi. He was tasked by his father to bring a rare and precious lunar stone back to the moon. That quest marked the beginning of his journey and the story being told in Bulltardia

In Real Life

In 2011, the honey badger turned into a popular meme thanks to a youtube video that went viral, depicting the animal as “The Crazy Nasty-Ass Honey Badger” and popularizing the sentence “Honey Badger don’t care”. Bitcoiners qucikly fell in love with the Mellivora, as they found analogies between its many talents and the properties of Bitcoin. It later prompted the then Bitcoin believer and early adopter Roger Ver to pay for a giant billboard that advertised Bitcoin as the “Honey Badger of Money” thus officially granting the animal the status of Bitcoin’s official mascot.