To the Moon

Dear Sovereign Individuals, for you to have stumbled upon this path you must be of that breed of men and women, the folks who aspire to become explorers, astronauts or pioneers, hungry for the uncharted, living for an opportunity to stand close the edge of the world and stare at the unknown.

What you are about to discover is a brand new world.

Bulltardia follows the adventures of a hot-headed honey badger named Bit who is tasked to bring a moonstone back to the moon. Even though the story is set in an imaginary world, it reflects on our reality as most of the characters and places are based on real people and events that are part of the ongoing history written by Bitcoin.

A story for everyone

Shrouded in its mantle of technology and finance, Bitcoin can appear esoteric and intimidating to outsiders. One of the goals of Bulltardia is to talk about Bitcoin while remaining fun and approachable, and hopefully cast a light over some of the ideas and philosophies that already inspired so many Bitcoin believers. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether you are a pleb, a no-coiner or a master hodler, we hope you will be entertained by this rollercoaster adventure equally.

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