The Book

Season One Book One is Out. This limited edition encompasses the story of Bit as told in Episode 1 and 2 formatted for print with brand new drawings.

Limited Edition
This first edition is limited to 210 copies ever, sold in ten batches of 21 copies, numbered and signed by yours truly. The 28 pages Us standard comic also contains a drawing of a small sketch unique to each copy and tuned in to its future owner.

Why 210,000 Sats?
This comic can only be purchased with Bitcoin. Not offering Fiat payments is first an encouragement but also a statement that magic internet money is the only acceptable money and that Bitcoin should drive the relative price and value of fiat, not the other way around. The comic was launched at a price of 210,000 satoshis and will remain so regardless of BTC volatility. While it might make this book too expensive to buy, and I might end up sitting on a pile of comics, but this is not only fair to those who already bought and stands true to the reasons stated above. That said, if you are believing in Honey Badgers, it means this book’s value will only increase over time, so now is the time to get it.

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Free alternative
If you won’t or can’t spend 210,000 sats, not to worry. I still wantyou to be able to enjoy Bulltardia and read the story in the comfort of a printable format. The digital PDF version is entirely free

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21st Auctions
To celebrate the closing of each set, an exclusive hand drawn sketch of a Bulltardia character is added to each 21st copy and auctioned off on

Auction #1 (closed)

Auction #2 Coming soon